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New Toy

I just bought myself a new toy – a state tax refund/early birthday present toy.  I’ve been obsessing about getting a serger/overlock sewing machine for myself, and finally decided to just go for it.  Here’s what I got!  I was actually all set to by a Kenmore from Sears – they had one on display, […]

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More crafty stuff…

This one doesn’t get a picture. A few weeks ago, after reading things like this and this and trying to figure out an easy way to alter some button down shirts so that they actually fit… I decided that I needed a dress form.  And rather than spend a couple hundred bucks on one that probably wouldn’t […]

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Check out what I made!!

  I made this cool new bag yesterday in a couple of hours, based on this tutorial.  I got 5 yards of this fun digital camouflage nylon for $1 a yard, and this was my first project with it.  Considering the mass quantities of it that I have, I need to come up with a […]

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