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Weekend Stuff

We had another golf lesson over the weekend – this one was all about the “short game” – as if my whole game isn’t a “short game.”  None of my clubs go further than 80 yards or so.  Maybe 100 yards with a stiff wind behind me.  (I’m sure it has everything to do with […]

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It’s Been A While…

So much for my effort to have something to write about every day.  I haven’t done so well with that! Lots of stuff has happened since I last wrote… Mom & Dad & Reggie came to visit me!  We had lots of fun (at least I think so…).  We did some shopping, some bike-riding, had […]

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Dogs With Coats

I’ve had these pictures on my camera for a couple of weeks, and finally uploaded them.  I didn’t get a good one of Stormy, but you can still see how handsome he and Grover look in their new fleece coats.  During the day, they go back and forth between the garage and their dog run […]

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