‘Cause I’m the ice cream man

Guess what I made yesterday!  Homemade fresh strawberry ice cream.  Yum! 

I begged for an electric ice cream maker for Christmas a couple of years ago, so that I could make Alton Brown’s banana ice cream.  (I saw an episode the other day where he made avocado ice cream!  Sounds bizarro, but now I’m dying to try it too.  Maybe I could halve the recipe or something in case it’s horrid.).  I’ve used it approximately twice – I made banana ice cream (yummy, but kind of gluey texture) and peppermint ice cream (yummy, and very minty!).  So yesterday I decided to try out some other flavors.  I followed the recipe pretty much, except for changing the heavy cream and whole milk for some lower fat variations.  It was delicious, if I say so myself!  But next time, I will add WAY more strawberries (it probably didn’t help that I kept sampling them).  And maybe some other berries.  And call it Berry Berry Extravaganza Ice Cream, or something fancy like that.  Yum.

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