What do I do with me?

I’m looking for some recommendations.

So, next weekend, I’ll be heading to Snowmass with Tina for the weekend.  Her crazy rich uncle (who also has houses in Tampa, Puerto Rico, and who knows where else, and spends lots of every year vacationing somewhere fabulous) invites her to his place in Snowmass every year to play lots of golf.  Since I can’t golf anymore, and even when I could golf I was WAY too horrible to play with these people (they play for money!!), I usually spend the weekend doing crafty stuff or reading a lot.  One year, I took my mountain bike and took it up the ski lift and rode down the mountain (FUN!).  Another time, I took my Featherweight and made a bunch of little bags, bibs, coasters, and a variety of other little projects.  And I always take a bunch of books and magazines.  Last year I spend the entire weekend working (I’m talking middle of the night stuff too – it was a really awesome time).  But – I have no intentions to do that this year!  But (again) – I haven’t figured out yet just what I should take with me. 

One choice – just a ton of books.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Anyone read anything awesome lately?  I think I’ll pick up the next Mitford book from the library.  Grandma Hope introduced me to that series – the books are all fun quick reads, and I like to talk about them with Granda!  I just finished the Twilight series.  I also just read a good book called Mudbound, by Hillary Jordan.  Anyway… if anyone has read anything recently that they loved, let me know!  I like all kinds of different stuff, but not always the things I’m “supposed” to like.

Another choice – crafty stuff.  I don’t think I’m up for hauling a sewing machine and everything else that would go along with it, especially for a pretty quick weekend.  Beading stuff is also a lot to take – I’m not very good at organizing projects ahead of time, so I always have to have ALL of my stuff.  Which is a LOT!  So I could do something portable, like cross-stitching…  Or there’s always knitting, crocheting or tatting – except that I am completely unable to do any of those.  Has anyone tried the Knifty Knitters?  I think I want to try it out!!  I already have way too many hobbies to actually keep up on, but still.  One more wouldn’t hurt, right?  I can’t decide.  Should I spend more money on another hobby that I may very well be completely inept at? 

My other choice… spend a lot more cash and get masssages and spa treatments.  Aaahhh. 

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