And the Colorado Rocky Mountain High…

I wanted to use that one on Friday afternoon, sitting outside on a golf course looking at Mount Daly, but no dice on an internet connection!  A whole weekend with (almost) no internet!  Wow.

Over the weekend I got to go on what is becoming an annual trip to Snowmass Village – right next door to Aspen (the subject of my song today!).  It was a pretty short trip this time, but it was nice anyway – we seem to have missed a lot of the rainy afternoons there (and had those at home instead).  The trip there was fun – we left Friday morning and went the “long” way, over Independence Pass, instead of taking I-70.  That pass is SO gorgeous, but I’m always glad I’m not the one driving.  Tina & Jimmy were going to try riding their roadbikes down the pass into Aspen, but decided against it once they saw it and remembered how narrow and steep it is!!  Which was fortunate for me and the truck.  If I had to drive it, I’d get so distracted by the scenery and scared by the narrowness, I’m sure I’d end up at the bottom of a ravine somewhere.  They (and Jordan) did end up riding from Aspen into Snowmass Village, though, with me stopping every couple of miles to make sure no one had died yet.  (No one did).  I also stopped at a roadside stand and bought some yummy cherries, and wandered around downtown Aspen for a bit and had a mint iced chai.  Delish!  I think I’m going to try making some when my mint gets bigger.

Most of the rest of the weekend, I relaxed!  I sat outside on the decks (one upstairs, one downstairs), tried out my new crafty endeavours (more on those later), and enjoyed the gorgeous mountains.  On Saturday, I drove to Glenwood Springs, to the hot springs spa there, and had a Rocky Mountain Minerals massage.  Awesome!  Other than that, I was completely boring.  And out of touch – I stayed away from the TV and didn’t have any internet – just the BlackBerry.

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