We are family…

Last week was a big week!

Mom spent the week with the lovely and wonderful and cute Grandma Hope (Mom and I TOTALLY take after her, don’t you think?) in Denver, and we got to head down there on Tuesday and visit for a while, and go to lunch.  It was fun!!!  We also got to play with Reggie, of course.  My dogs were HIGHLY unimpressed with me when I got home and they found that I’d cheated on them.  Grandma complained about how Mom was not listening to her, and was doing dishes and cooking and trying to get Grandma to sit down and RELAX once in a while!  Sheesh, Mom, doing what you were trained to do?!  For shame.  We also did a little bit of computer stuff, and Tina rigged up a handy little trick to help keep Grandma from right-clicking when she doesn’t really want to.  Grandma is getting downright speedy at the jigsaw puzzles!

In other BIG news, I’m going to be an aunt again!!  (It is all about me, you know).  Rhiannon called me the other night to tell me she is going to be a big sister again, and Kylah called me about 5 minutes later!  Exciting stuff!!!  (Kylah told me I was number one on her calling list, but I don’t know if that’s really true…)  Rhiannon also told me that she would like to have twins – a boy and a girl.  (Shannon, you are a trend-setter)!  I talked to Kelly for a while too, and I am anxiously awaiting more details!  Yippee!

And lastly in family news, Happy Father’s Day (yesterday) to my Dad!  It was good to talk to you!

Coming up… crafty stuff, and Colorado stuff…

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