Bicycle races are coming your way, so forget all your duties, oh yeah…

Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today, so look out for those beauties, oh yeah…

HA HA HA HA HA HA!  Bicycle Race, by Queen.  Love it.

So today, I did forget all my duties (laundry, housecleaning, laundry…) – some of them at least.  I rode a bike for the first time in about two years!!  And guess what – it’s just like riding a bike.  (Again, HA HA HA HA!  I’m cracking myself up).  Last time I rode my bike was right after I started having problems with my knee, a few months before I got my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis.  I rode downtown and back home (for a flat town on the plains, there are some crazy hills around here!).  After that, my knees just couldn’t do it – I couldn’t bend or straighten them enough to make riding possible.  But today, I got brave.  Tina has been trying to get me to try her bike, just to see if I could do it, but I was scared!  Today, though, I tried out her Fat Tire cruiser and her super fancy racing road bike.  And guess what!  I was able to ride!  Not very far or very fast, but I did it!  Now I think I need a recumbent bike – it wouldn’t be hard to get on, I wouldn’t have to straighten my cranky left elbow… but I’d still get a nice little workout.  And be able to get around without always taking the car.

The cruiser was easier on my upper body, but it killed my knees.  The road bike is awesome – it made even me feel fast – but hard on my elbows & stuff.  I’m going to try that one out again, probably next weekend, to see how I do.  The problem with liking it is that I’ll let it convince me that I really truly need a brand new super fancy awesome racing road bike. 

On top of the bike rides today, we also went to the neighborhood pool and swam for a while.  So it’s hard to tell now which one was harder on me – old skool cruiser bike, super fast racing bike, or playing swimming pool tag.  Or running errands and buying dog food and aquarium filter thingies.  I need a more specific test.  And I need to actually start using some muscles once in a while.  I need to start swimming in the mornings again – it’s the only athletic activity I’ve ever been remotely decent at, plus it’s relatively easy on the ol’ joints.  Geez, I sound pathetically old.  Seriously, how old do people usually get before they start telling everyone about their arthritis????  Older than this, I know that!  Ugh.

Happy birthday yesterday to Mom! 

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