Cool clear water…

I went swimming today!  Outside!  With sunscreen!I keep thinking I need to do something resembling exercise, but I have LOTS of excuses not to.  One of those is that I have to get up SO early to get to the rec center for lap swimming before work.  So this week is another shutdown week, which means, in theory, that I could go swim laps anytime – I don’t really need to get up early.  As it turns out, the outdoor pool near my house has lap swimming in middle of the day, so I tried it out today.  As I suspected, I am dreadfully out of shape.  But it was nice to swim outside and at least get a little bit of exercise in – exercise that doesn’t involve sweating or protective headgear.

I rode Tina’s bike again – I rode to the parade on Saturday, then road with Tina, Jimmy, & Maddie to the grocery store yesterday.  I tried to get Maddie to trade me on the way home, so that I could ride in the trailer (with Jimmy pulling it!) and she could ride the big bike, but no dice.   She and Jimmy were both pretty much against that idea.  I’m starting to convince myself I need a new bike – and Jane is helping convince me, with her notes about her cool new bike and her friend’s great bike – anyone care to donate to the “Syd Needs a New Bike Fund”?  🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to head to the therapy center (also near my house!) for a water exercise class.  They have this awesome warm salt water pool – I’ve taken some great arthritis classes there, but I think I’m going to try out something a tiny bit more strenuous.My only problem now will come next week, when I have to fit work back into my exercise schedule.

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