Furniture Shopping

We all went furniture shopping yesterday.  It was pretty fun, but would be lots more fun (obviously) with unlimited funds and space.  We did have the reward of a great meal at P.F. Chang’s awaiting us, however, at the end of the shopping trip.

I wonder what kinds of things other people ask themselves when furniture shopping?  Some of the questions that came up during yesterday’s venture:

  • Leather or micro-fiber?  (Leather)
  • Which will show less dirt when Grover rubs his beard up and down the sofa?  (Hopefully leather)
  • Sofa and recliner?
  • Sofa and loveseat?
  • Loveseat and recliner?
  • Two loveseats?
  • Tan, ivory, ecru, or beige?  (None of the above)
  • Cupholders?
  • Seriously.  Cupholders??
  • Tall entertainment center?
  • Short entertainment center?
  • Room for the turntable in the entertainment center?
  • “You guys haven’t played a record in 4 years!” – Jimmy
  • Room for record storage?  (The CD’s & DVD’s fit in nice, handy, zippered binders – no need for those cute little CD drawers.  Unless they can fit the LP’s.)
  • When reclined, will I be able to see the TV over my feet?

On another note – when ordering dessert at P.F. Chang’s, go with the cheesecake, or for something even more decadent and delicious, go with the banana spring rolls.  Oh my gosh, so good!!  Skip the Great Wall of Chocolate.  Go home and do Duncan Hines instead.  It’s better.

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