I melt…

Last weekend, I went to the Greeley Arts Picnic.  Of course, the main attraction was the food (especially the crepes!), but there was a lot of art and crafty stuff to check out too.  I always like to go look at things and think, “I could make that!”  Or, more often, “Tina could totally make that!”  More often than not, I don’t actually make any of it.  But I always think that one of us could do it, if we set our minds to it.  Or if I went and picked up a bunch of new crafty stuff for a new crafty hobby.  (My latest is the Knifty Knitter set.)  Michael’s LOVES me.  They’d better, anyway. 

One of the busier booths at the fair was one that sold melted wine/liquor bottle cheeseboards – they were selling tons of these things at about $25 each.  Stuff like this.  This one, I KNOW I could do.  I did it in 3rd grade.  OK, so I didn’t really melt anything myself.  But, along with the rest of my class, I brought a collection of glass bottles to school, which Mr. Art Teacher melted in a kiln!  Very cool art class project!  So, see, I know that I could do this project.  All I need is a bunch of glass bottles, and a kiln.  Slightly more expensive than my Knifty Knitters, but still.  Possibly more expensive than my car.  But you have to spend money to make money, right??  (I didn’t just make that up, did I?)

Some rules would have to change, too.  I’m generally not allowed near power tools, sharp objects, or hot surfaces.  Some of those rules are for my own protection, others for the protection of my house and everyone in it…  Maybe this is a hobby for Tina.

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