Like a night at the county fair

We went to the county fair over the weekend! 

Our county fair is kinda small and quiet and relaxed, especially after the big spectacle of the Stampede – no carnival or concerts or craziness.  A LOT of 4-H stuff though.  But I like to go and check out some of the animals and the crafty stuff.  At the county fair a couple of years ago, I fell totally in love with the pygmy goats, and have wanted one as a pet ever since!  They are ridiculously cute and adorable.  And I think it would be fun for Tillie to have an actual livestock animal (other than Grover and Dog) to herd.  So far, I don’t have one.  But it’s on my list of stuff I seriously need.  This year, I didn’t see ANY pygmies!  It was a bummer.  But the big goats were still super entertaining.  They were funny – we saw so many of them stealing food from their neighbors, begging me to come play with them, and one was even trying to escape – he had his mouth around the door latch, and I seriously think he was going to figure it out.  One poor guy had an itchy head, and was rubbing his head on his enclosure, the way Dog rubs her head on walls. 

We looked at all the domestic arts stuff next – pictures, baked goods, veggies, quilts, all kinds of stuff.  Some of my favorites – Cookie Monster cupcakes, a quilt that looks like a doll house, a quilt with crooked seams (I wasn’t being judgmental, I swear – I was just glad to see some imperfections – makes me feel better about my own projects!), and hand spun yarn.  After we got home, I checked out the rules for entering the fair – there are approximately 5 kazillion different categories in my age class, so I totally think I should enter something next year.  Maybe I could get a ribbon!  Some of the 5 kazillion categories did not appear to be very well-represented – if I pick one of those, and I’m the only entry, then I could totally get a ribbon!  Yes, I am completely okay competing only against myself.  How else will I win?!

I don’t know how the 4-H animal kids do it.  I am a big huge crybaby, and would never be able to raise a baby animal and then sell it, for food or otherwise. 

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