Just sittin’ with your knittin’ all day long…

I made these!

OK, they are not super impressive.  But – I made them!  It was really sort of an experiment with my fun new Knifty Knitters to see what different stitches and techniques and stuff looked like, so I could try to figure out what I’m doing before I try out a “real” project.  (Hope everyone likes washcloths, since that’s pretty much what I know how to make so far!)  I have some other stuff made too (hats and a scarf), but I need a model so I can take some pics of them.  I still think I should learn “real” knitting someday, but it just seems so complicated! 

Oh, I also made some legwarmers.  (Feel free to insert snarky laughter here.)  I got the set of looms just before the Snowmass trip this year, and was trying to learn how to do stuff during that trip.  Well, the first night we were there, the house was COLD!  Like in the 50s.  Even at night during one of the coolest summers ever, it seemed warmer outside than in!  And I really hadn’t brought any cool weather (or cool house!) clothes.  I know, it’s the mountains, in Colorado, and you should always pack for every possible temperature.  But I didn’t.  So I’m sitting there with my knitting looms and my library books about loom knitting and my yarn, and I thought, “Some warm socks would be so awesome right now.”  But socks seemed way too hard.  And the books had patterns for legwarmers (easy, since you’re knitting in a circle anyway).  So I decided to make some legwarmers, with the full intention not to wear them ever in front of people.  Now they’re in a drawer under my bed.  We’ll just call it good practice.

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