Dogs With Coats

I’ve had these pictures on my camera for a couple of weeks, and finally uploaded them.  I didn’t get a good one of Stormy, but you can still see how handsome he and Grover look in their new fleece coats.  During the day, they go back and forth between the garage and their dog run – so they have shelter, but it’s been VERY COLD the last couple of weeks.  So the boys got coats!  Cute, huh?  Even if you’re not a “dress up your dogs in outfits” kind of person, those are some good-lookin’ pups.


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  • Auntie Jane says:

    Trip to pet psychic with Jersey a success-but maybe just weird. She knew stuff that she shouldn’t have. Knew Beevis was losing weight, and had sores, and that they were probably cancerous, and Beevis was at home. Jersey is aggressive towards her cuz she’s scared. Jersey also want to wear angel wings for Halloween next year, loves Macaela and Ashten, but thinks JP is rude, and Dee shouldn’t probably call her Butthead any more because there’s nothing wrong with her head. She loves me cuz I tell her she’s beautiful. Well worth the money–just a little spooky.