Go ahead and jump!

Evans (the much more dog-friendly neighbor of Greeley) got a new fun dog park!  AND it’s way closer to our house than Greeley’s only dog park, and it’s way nicer.  It has two big grassy yards (with trees!) for big dogs – they are keeping one of them open at a time so that they can keep the grass nice.  It also has a big grassy yard (also with trees!) for small and timid dogs.  AND it has an agility course for dogs! 

Here are some more pictures of the pooches enjoying themselves.  Tillie, not surprisingly, took right to most of the agility toys.  She’s not crazy about the teeter-totter thing, though.  And we haven’t figured out how to teach her to do those weave-in-and-out-of-the-poles yet.  But she is smart and agile!!  Treats help, too.  Grover was totally unimpressed with the toys – we tried to get him on a couple (and by trying, I mean we picked him up and put him on them), and he scrunched down and held on as tight as his little schnauzer paws would let him.  But he was very happy just running around and sniffing all the smells. 

We took them into the small/timid yard after doing the agility stuff, and they got to smell more stuff and run around some more.  They played well with a couple of funny little corgies and an adorable little terrier mix girl. 

After they were completely worn out, we left the play yards and let them get a drink from the drinking fountain.  Oh yes, they have a doggy drinking fountain!!  Can you imagine anything more awesome???

OK.  Before we all get too impressed with what smart and clever dogs I have… I just watched Tillie TEARING across the room, with speed she normally reserves for chasing tennis balls at the park, or chasing the cat across the room.  What could have driven her to such speed, you ask?  Probably the cat.  At least that was my guess, especially when I saw a blur of light color running along with her.  But no.  Not the cat.  My smart little dog managed to get my library book bag (freshly full of new library books!) to hang around her neck, which scared her into running away from it, but the bag around her neck was just too fast to get away from!!! 


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