Baubles, bangles, bright shiny beads…

I made this!  I got to attend my second craft day at a friend’s house on Sunday.  This particular friend runs a fabulous online bead shop out of her house!  The problem with going to craft day at her house is that I tend to spend money on beads when I go there.  The bigger beads in this picture came from her – she had all these great shapes of mother of pearl beads, in all kinds of colors.  I wore this today with a brown dress.  The necklace is actually crazy long, but I doubled it up and made it more like 2 strands.  I picked up some new pretty beads on Sunday, along with some more gemstone cabochons for Tina to make silver stuff with.  I need to post some pics of the awesome jewelry she’s been making!  She took what we learned in our silversmithing class and is expanding on it at home!!

In other notes, today was a big day!!  I got to have dinner with Randy & Rhiannon on their way home from Denver, which was lots of fun!!!  Cliff from Grandma’s church called me, and I will be singing Offertory at her church on Sunday!  AND… Tina won her 2nd golf club championship of this season!  One from Highland Hills, and one from Boomerang Links.  Congratulations!!

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