Been a long time gone…

As Aunt Jane has pointed out, I’ve been a big slacker blogger again!  What have I been up to?  Work.  And then some work, then a bit more work.  Whew!

I’ve been doing some more loom knitting, and need to take some pics of stuff.  I made a shawl out of this cool fuzzy blue yarn – if I wore shawls, it would be super awesome and useful!  I might need to update my wardrobe.  Now I’m working on a scarf that I found a free pattern for in Michael’s, and then converted to the loom.  I ended up taking it off and restarting it no fewer than 6 times, but now it’s going strong!  Woo!  I tried just following the instructions and translating those to the loom, but I kept confusing myself.  So… I put it in an Excel spreadsheet.  And then, I applied conditional formatting to color code the different stitches, so I could get a good view of how the pattern looked.  Technology and tradition, working together!!  That’s cooperation!!  (Yea, really no need for anyone to point out what a dork I am…)

I also upgraded my blogging software and changed my theme!  I’ve been needing to upgrade for oh, say, a couple of years now, but I was scared!  I thought it would be too hard to figure out!  Turned out, it was a click of a button.  So then I got all brave and crazy and changed the theme.  I feel all techy-geeky-smart now.

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