But these rose-colored glasses…

So, right about now, I really wish I could be one of you good vision people.  Even one of the decent vision people.  And especially one of you people who get to have cool surgery to fix your not-so-good vision.

I went to see my eye doctor the other day – like 4 weeks ago.  She’s very nice, and has cool technology & stuff, and I really like her and most of the people in the office.  We talked about my ridiculously dry eyes (did you know that rheumatoid arthritis makes your eyes even drier?!!), and my massive astigmatism, and why I will never ever ever ever be a good candidate for lasik.  After spending about an hour browsing, and making Tina come to the office to help me pick, I picked out some cute glasses frames, but didn’t like the color, so they ordered a sample pair for me in a different color.  Well… I picked a frame from a “slow” vendor, then the frame was back-ordered, so it took about 3 weeks to get them in.  So I went back (and dragged my glasses advisor along with me) when they came in, tried them on, thought they were okay… but they had a bunch of NEW frames for me to try on!  After I narrowed it down to 4 different frames that I liked, I took votes from everyone else that was in the office that day, and picked a very cute frame!  The day after I ordered them, they did call to tell me that my insurance won’t pay for a new frame until January, but I decided to get them anyway.

Today, they called to tell me my new glasses were in!  Yippee!  (Yea, sad.  I’m excited over new glasses.)  After a super crazy work afternoon, I went down there to pick them up.  So the optician makes some adjustments, I try them on a few times, then she comes back out and says “We’ll have to order you a new frame.”  I didn’t have my glasses on, so I couldn’t see her face, or the fact that she was holding one of the temples in her left hand, and the rest of the frame in her right!  It busted right off!  Not a good sign.

Luckily, they had another of the same frame in stock!  And they could just pop the lenses out of the bad frame, and pop them right into the good frame.  Piece of cake, right?  So, they go about moving the lenses around, and bring them back out.  I put them on, and got all dizzy!  They were all weird, like someone had switched sides or something.  She says, “Oh, they are just curved differently.  I’ll go fix it.”  Comes back, same thing.  With thumbprints all over the lenses, so I thought maybe they were just dirty.  After cleaning them three times, she figured out that there was now a problem with the lenses!  They looked kind of crinkly, like someone had wrapped them in plastic wrap.  So now, they are reordering my lenses. 

I’m a little worried though.  If they can do that kind of damage in an optometrist’s office in under 30 minutes… what do you think I can do to them just walking through my house?!

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