You know knittin’s friendly and knittin’s fun…

I’ve mentioned my new Knifty Knitter toys.  Well, like any time I take up a new crafty pursuit, I have to go all out.  It wasn’t enough to buy the Knifty Knitter set of 4 round looms.  I also bought a Knifty Knitter rectangular loom.  Then, after doing some things with big fat knits, I thought I needed something with a smaller gauge and smaller pegs and smaller spaces, so that I could make smaller knits!  Never mind that I haven’t made anything useful yet. 

So, a couple of weeks ago, I had a nice little Hobby Lobby coupon, and bought this.  (I didn’t pay the retail price you see there!  Yay, coupons!) 

First, I played around with it a bit, trying out different stitches on this.  It’s very cool, and makes much smaller stitches, which will come in handy when I start knitting fancy cashmere sweaters and things.  (Yea, I’m not holding my breath.)  So right now, I’m making a scarf.  (I can’t post pictures, cause someone might end up with it for Christmas or something.  I’m sorry.  About the pictures and the potential cheesy hand-made gift.  Not that hand-made gifts are cheesey – I LOVE hand-made gifts!!!  So much!!  I just think I’m not always as good at hand-making as I’d like to think I am, and therefore, my hand-made gifts end up cheesy.)  Anyway… scarf.  Tonight I finished row 40 of something like 18 thousand.  That’s my guess anyway.  So… no worries about Christmas this year.  2025, maybe?  (Ooh, I almost could have used a Zager & Evans song for this post.  Wrong century though.)

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