I want to grow something wild and unruly…

This has been one of those weeks where I really wish I hadn’t given myself this self-imposed rule about talking about work here.  Because, oh, there’s SO much I could talk about.  So much that it took me a few days to even think of something else to write about.

It’s getting cold!!  No snow yet here in Northern Colorado, though, even though my Wyoming & Utah people have seen it!  So today, I decided to clean out the garden.  I’m still shocked at how many tomatoes were out there, in every shade from bright green to bright red.  I got about 25 more jalapeños,  another ginormous zucchini, and lots and lots of herbs.


That’s most of what I picked today.  The jalapeños and the dill are under the tomatoes.  I froze most of the herbs in little snack size baggies, put the green tomatoes in a brown paper bag to see if they ripen, and made some yummy pesto with the basil.  My fingers are now looking this lovely shade of greenish yellowish brown – gloves would have been a good idea.

Lessons learned from gardening this summer…

  • Plant zucchini in its own area about an acre away from everything else.  A single zucchini plant will tower over everything in its vicinity.
  • I don’t really need 6 tomato plants.  One or two would probably suffice.
  • Plant more basil!!  Pesto is the best pasta sauce ever invented, and I need more.
  • Jalapeños turn red after a while!  Then they’re a little sweeter and not so hot.
  • Coffee makes some of the bugs stay away.
  • There is a far wider variety of bugs in our yard than I EVER imagined.  Some of them are LARGE!  And YUCKY!  And they like veggies!
  • I should have spent more than $4 for a salad spinner.

In other food notes… Tina bought a pizzelle maker on Friday and made lots of yummy homemade pizzelle.  I ate them for most meals until they were gone.  Today… she made stroopwafels.  We had them in Amsterdam last year, and they are one of the greatest most delicious cookie snacks ever (along with the pannenkoeken and the amazing fries from the street vendors)!  And now… they are here!  In my kitchen!  Homemade!  So… yes, my sugar intake has been a little high… just makes me sweeter, right?

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