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My dogs got new treats today!

I’ve been reading (er, mostly looking at) Daily Coyote for a while now.  I absolutely love it.  And no matter what your feelings are about coyotes, the author’s photographs are just stunning and beautiful and cute and gorgeous.  Love!  Anyway… Shreve Stockton, the author, also has an Etsy shop where she sells various things she founds around where she lives in Wyoming.  Ever spend any time browsing around Etsy?!  What a great place to lose a couple of hours looking at things that you must have.  Or must make.  Someday Tina and I are going to open an Etsy shop for all of our various crafts, but we’re not there yet.  I’ll warn you all when it’s up!  (2012, maybe???)

Anyway… she’s been periodically selling dog chew toys made out of elk antlers.  (Yes, in theory I could go gather elk antlers in the wild and file them down and stuff, but… it’s easier to buy them.)  The antler toys got here today, and the dog reactions were exactly as I would expect!! 

Grover (Mini Schnauzer) immediately grabbed the big one, took it to his spot under the piano bench, and went to town.  SO HAPPY!!  If any dog can tear through these things, it will be Grover.  I’ve never seen a dog who can chew like he can. 

Tillie (Australian Cattle Dog) was much more hesitant!  She licked the toy in my hand for a few minutes, then finally took it from me.  It still took her a while to really start chewing on it… when it comes to new treats, she definitely takes her lead from Grover.  If he goes for it, she figures that she has to, even if it’s something weird like elk antlers or carrots or apple pieces.  She would drop hers periodically to go see what Grover was up to, though… It doesn’t really matter what either/both of them have (toys, treats, love)… she generally assumes that his is better, and it’s her job to take it away.  We think we heard him actually growl at her once, but it might have just been his teeth scraping his new treat.  He NEVER growls at her, no matter how bratty she is to him.  I’m pretty sure she’s the only person (ha ha) that he just lets do what she wants without ever the threat of growls or teethmarks.

After his teeth got tired, he left it there for her, so she could figure out that they BOTH HAD THE SAME TREAT.

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