Viva Las Vegas!

So, I’m in Vegas this week.  Got here yesterday morning, attended a conference all day, went to bed early, got up early and presented, then spent all day attending more conference sessions.  I learned LOTS!  And found LOTS of cool software type stuff my company should buy.  But… I am a boring boring old girl.  I mean, it’s Vegas!  I should be rolling dice and shooting money into slot machines, right?!

I’m actually feeling just the tiniest bit gypped.  Yes, even with my most-expenses-paid trip to Vegas.  Yea, I’m a whiner.

So, for some odd reason that I’ll never understand, I’ve been dying for a massive snowstorm to hit.  We didn’t even have a normal hot summer, but I’m still dying for big snow.  Instead, I’m in a place that should be in the 70’s and 80’s now… but NO!  It’s cold, gray, and WINDY here.  Back home?  SNOW!  MASSIVE HUGE SNOW!!!  The kind of snow that calls for SNOW DAYS!!!  My work was actually cancelled today (which I learned via BlackBerry immediately following the session I presented) and starts late tomorrow (and possibly cancelled tomorrow), and I can’t even be somewhere hot and sunny to rub it in.  Do you all feel bad for me?

If I win a grand or so at the craps tables or penny slots, then I’ll feel much better about the whole thing.  🙂

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