Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now…

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Here is Miss Madeline in her Tinkerbell Halloween costume that I made!  I love sewing Halloween costumes!!  She chose the pattern from a pattern book, and she chose the fabrics (with a little bit of guidance…).  The skirt is 4 layers of lovely shimmery pink organza.  It was supposed to be one layer of organza and 4 of tulle, but apparently I have a hard time reading instructions.  So… this way it’s not so itchy, right?  The bodice is one of those cute glittery satins… the kind that tend to leave little bits of shimmer anywhere they lay down!  If I have to iron anything soon, I’ll end up sparkly.  Or farkly, as Maddie would say…  The wings tend to shed some glitter too, so our sofa is pretty farkly too.  Fun!

Here is a video of her spinning in circles.  We wanted to see how the skirt would look – especially those awesome petals – when they were spinning as fast as she could spin.

Tomorrow… some of what I learned, observed, and did in Las Vegas.

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