That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas…

Here’s what I did, learned, and observed in Vegas last week (at least the parts I can tell you, tee-hee!):


  • Attended a work-related conference
  • Presented a session at that conference
  • Killed my BlackBerry battery twice doing conference calls with work
  • Stayed indoors for about 2.5 days straight
  • Talked to strangers
  • Won $29 at craps at my favorite cheap casino
  • Introduced strangers to my favorite cheap casino
  • Drank a glass of grape-juice-like wine from a juice glass at my favorite cheap casino


  • We may or may not need to undergo a major or not-so-major project to comply with new accounting standards
  • There are people in the US (actual grownups over the age of 30!) who have never eaten oatmeal
  • Ginormous baked potatoes are a truly shocking site for people who live east of the Mississippi
  • Sargento is a much smaller company than I would have thought! 


  • Being in Vegas right around Halloween, it’s a little challenging to tell who is wearing a costume, and who is just going to work.
  • When the weekend plans involve replacing a bathroom floor and toilet, it might be a good idea to stay in Vegas.

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