Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?

I should look into being rich so I can hire myself a driver.

So, back in my younger days, I might have had a bit of a bad temper.  I know that will come as a shock to some of you.  And, back in my younger days, my temper may have once in a while translated into a tiny bit of road rage.  Again, shocking.  BUT – now that I am older and wiser, I have mellowed out.  Even when there are people out there driving like idiots, not merging, cutting me off… I don’t usually get mad about it anymore.  I mean, that would just make me then drive like a jackass, which would then make more people mad, and it doesn’t help anyone.  Plus, who knows, maybe that person had a way worse morning than I did – I don’t know their stories, so I should try to be as polite as possible!

Well!  This morning challenged me.  A big mean Buick driver on her cell phone (with no headset!) did bad things and made me MAD not even 2 minutes into my commute.  Then she yelled at me (one hand on the cell phone, and one hand gesturing at me).  Then she tailgated me.  So a couple of miles later, she’s still being a jackass, but I was calming down and trying to maintain my 2-second rule behind the Cavalier in front of me.  We’re all driving along, and everyone slowed down suddenly, but with my 2-second rule, I was in pretty good shape.  And in slow-motion (apparently I had a LOT of time for thought!), I thought, wow, that Cavalier will be lucky, it’s getting REALLY close to the Explorer, but the brakes are on, so no prob – BAM!!!!!!  She hit the Explorer.  Then the Explorer got all zig-zaggy and went off the other side of the road, and may or may not have clipped the big mean Buick!!  This may have been the first time I actually witnessed an accident that I wasn’t actually in.  I was feeling blessed!  But nervous.

When I went to grab lunch today, I realized after I grabbed my coat that I didn’t have my keys and they were probably in the car.  The locked car.  I almost got to try out my shiny new AAA card, but I keep a spare car door key in my desk.  In my almost 10 years there, this is only the 2nd time I’ve gotten to use the spare car key!  Yippee!

There’s a new kitty a couple of houses down from mine.  He’s an outside kitty, and I kind of want to steal him and give him a nice happy safe life indoors.  I was driving home from work, in the DARK (thanks to daylight savings), and saw this weird reflection at the end of my street (by my house).  Lucky for new kitty, his eyes reflect headlights really really well, so I was able to avoid him, since he had no intention of moving off of the street. 

So… I think it would be good to have a chauffeur.  That would make life easier, right?

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