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**Updated… I just realized that trying to view the slideshow right from here doesn’t always work, AND it doesn’t show any of the captions for the pictures.  So… if you would like, you can click the link to view the pictures larger, then it should take you to the Shutterfly slide show!

Finally!  A post.

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And some pictures!  Here is a slide show of our trip to Prague in November.  I wanted to wait until I got the pictures semi-organized to post about the trip, and I wanted to post about the trip before I posted a bunch of my other random thoughts, and now I have finally gotten through the pictures.  It may look to you, with over 120 pictures, that I did not actually do any sort of editing or organizing.  BUT – I did!  This is pared down from over 400 pictures – gotta love digital, right?  No worries about taking picture after picture after picture after picture.

So, Prague was awesome!  I got to go for free, to speak at a work-related conference, and Tina went along with me.  The speaking went pretty well… it was a bit more adventurous than the other conferences I’ve done – most of the audience was great, but 2 guys were kind of… confrontational!  It was crazy!  But I made it through and went on to do some sight-seeing.

Some of the coolest things we saw were pretty much accidental – mostly when we were looking for bead shops that we’d found online.  One was a lovely little outdoor Christmas market where we got some tasty treats and cute souvenirs.  Another was in a different area of town… we got out of the metro station, and it looked like there was going to be a big street festival – a band was there, the street was blocked off, lots of activity.  We turned the corner, and there was a huge crowd of people, yelling and carrying signs.  There were news cameras and lots of police too!  Being that the signs were all in Czech, we couldn’t tell what was going on.  I googled from my phone (I still had it at that point!) and figured out we were there for a reenactment and celebration of the student protest that kicked off the Velvet Revolution!  Big day for the Czech Republic!  Er… I guess at that point, it was a big day for Czechoslovakia.

We also got to see a police station.  I got pickpocketed on the metro – jerks took my phone and my wallet (only cards – no cash) – so I filed a police report in case I ever need it.

There are lots of pictures from Prague Castle and from Vyšehrad.  I won’t go into history lessons here (that’s why we have Google and Wikipedia!), but these were some of my favorite places.  The castle is amazing – and I was absolutely blown away by St. Vitus’s Cathedral there.  So beautiful!  Our hotel and the conference center were right at the Vyšehrad metro station, and one of my guidebooks listed a walking tour of the area that looked a little interesting, so we took part of a day to do that.  It was lovely – gorgeous views of the rest of the city, beautiful church, amazing cemetery… While we were definitely not the only tourists there, it seemed like a world away from the hustle and bustle of convention centers and major tourist attractions.  The cemetery was cool (does that sound disrespectful or sacrilege or anything to say that??) – we saw where Dvorak is buried, and I recognized lots of old Rock Springs names, which I thought was just fascinating!

Since this post is forever long already… I think I will save some for updates over the next few days.  I could devote days to just food… 🙂

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