Food, glorious food!

So, if you read yesterday, and looked at the gazillion pictures, you saw a picture of one of the deliciously wonderful things we ate in Prague – the ginormous Belgian waffle with 3 kinds of chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  Yum!  This shop also had lots of gourmet chocolates and hard candies.  You could watch them making the hard candy, and they had a video going of how the whole process works.  They can start with giant hunks of stretchy hot sugary goo, and then manage to get it down to cute tiny little hard candies with pictures inside them!  I think we stopped by this shop no fewer than 3 times.

Wandering around the touristy places, we also had lots of street food.  There were stands and tiny restaurants all over the place with tons of sausages.  Being the Americans, we had our sausages on sandwiches with tasty buns, but we saw lots of people just ordering a sausage with a slice of bread.  I had one sandwich with about 5 small sausages instead of one giant one.  And by accident, I ordered one sandwich that turned out to be kind of a cheeseburger – a bun with a big deep fried cheese patty!!  Yum.  The fries were good too, but not quite as heavenly as the fried we had last year in Amsterdam – but how can you go wrong with a bucket of fries with ketchup, mayonnaise, and a tiny fork so you can eat it while you’re walking around?  (In some cases, just walking to the next fry stand…)  The mustard at these stands was delicious too… the packaging looks like it’s going to be like our French’s – and it says “yellow mustard” – Heinz, I think.  BUT – instead of being bright yellow, it’s light yellowish, and spicy, and delicious!

We also discovered the joy that is trdelnik.  We found these by accident too, walking through Lesser Town.  (And had to seek out this stand later, too!)  We had a few different types of these – some were coated with just cinnamon and sugar (they were SO awesome), some with powdered sugar and nuts, and some with cinnamon and sugar and what I think were chopped up apples inside!  Heavenly.  They were like this wonderful yeasty bread dough, crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside.

What else did we eat?  Meat – lots and lots of meat.  One meal was 4 different kinds of meat, 3 different kinds of dumplings, and some bread.  (I had to get my fill of fruit at the hotel’s breakfast buffet.)  Another meal was steak wrapped in prosciutto, and pasta covered in butter and prosciutto.  And a delicious bread basket.  (Noticing a theme?)

And… crêpes!  I love love love crêpes.  We had to stop at the same small little restaurant twice (again) because they had delicious crêpes, for meals and desserts!  Oh, I love food.

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