Sitting downtown in a railway station…

So here are some of the other cool things I learned/observed/thought were nutty during our trip to Prague…

  • The subway there is crazy deep.  We rode some escalators that went for days… apparently, because of the soil, they had to go very deep underground to build it.
  • Always carry a compass.  That might make it a bit easier to figure out which direction you’re going, as opposed to walking around until you find enough street signs to figure out where you are on the map.  As it turns out, I did have a compass in my backpack, which I realized as I was cleaning out the old backpack to transfer stuff to the new one.  So the addendum to “always carry a compass” would be “remember that you have a compass.”
  • Don’t carry a bag that is easily opened!  Some people suck, and they will TAKE your stuff!  Course, some of those same sucky people are idiots, and will make attempts on several different cards to pull cash out of an ATM, without a PIN.  Ha ha, suckers!
  • Nothing makes me more interested in history than visiting the actual historical places.
  • I need better shoes.  Shoes that are super-comfy and good for walking, but don’t look orthopedic (and go nicely with skirts or jeans).  Any recommendations?
  • All the touristy shops had those weasel ball things in the entrances.  I have no clue why.  I didn’t see them for sale anywhere, but saw dozens and dozens of them in the doorways.  Any thoughts on the significance of those?
  • Always carry change in case you have to pay for the bathroom.
  • It might be much easier to remember what you take pictures of if you take notes or something as you go.
  • Public artwork can be hysterically funny and sometimes kinda dirty!  In a funny way.  (Those pics/videos weren’t included in the slideshow, but if you’d like to see them, let me know!)

I’m sure there’s lots more that I’m forgetting.  (Write things down, McConnell!)  All in all, a wonderful experience that I was lucky to have!

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