And they call it puppy love…

Usually when I’m out with pups, people comment on Grover (Mr. Barky von Schnauzer), or Lady (big fluffy St. Bernard) if she’s with me, but Tillie (Miss Australian Cattle Dog) doesn’t usually garner much attention.  It always surprises me, cause I think she’s beautiful, but maybe people just aren’t as familiar with her kind of dog, or maybe they don’t think she’s so cute.  And she’s average size – not too big, not too small… If she’s at the dog park though, she gets attention, cause she’s SO fast and smart and can do most of the dogstacle course stuff. 

Here are some of the things I heard about my dogs in Breckenridge.

From a couple on the riverwalk: “Do their feet get cold?”  Well… I haven’t asked them, but I’m guessing with the snow and the below freezing temps… probably.  I know mine do.

From a gentleman walking down the street with his family: “Is that an Australian Cattle Dog?  Those are smart dogs!!”  From his wife: “That can work against you though!”  Um, yes, it can!  Then again, neither of them showed too much brainpower getting leashes tangled up around trees and bushes…

From the clerk at the cute dog store on Main Street, about Grover: “That tail is so cute!  It’s like he’s trying to wag it, but there’s just not enough there to do anything with!”  Then she noticed his crooked ears.  That’s my little clown dog.

From a gentleman in Josh’s snowboard shot: “Is that a Blue Heeler?  Those are such great dogs!”  Then she tried to go with him.

From a 5-ish year old girl coming out of a shop on Main Street: “Oh, is that a Schneezer dog?!”  CUTE!!

And of course, lots of “Oh, puppies!  Can I pet them?”  Only if you want them to love you forever.

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