Over the River and Through the Woods…

Another long absence.  Not for lack of things to write, but more for lack of time I suppose.  But, I’m back (again), and kicking it off with a difficult post!

My lovely and amazing and wise and beautiful Grandma Hope passed away a couple of weeks ago.  I fully expected, with no doubts whatsoever, that she would be around for years to come.  Years.  But, she surprised me, along with lots of others!  I know that she is giddily happy to be with Grandpa John again, and they are giggling about how sneaky she was about it.  But, that doesn’t make me miss her any less.  And it doesn’t stop me from selfishly wanting her back.  Now. 

Grandma’s service was lovely.  Mother Michelle (the minister) did a lovely job, as did everyone else involved.  Mark and Randy gave us some wonderful, touching, heartbreaking, and funny family remembrances.  Cliff, as always, did a lovely job with music – he’s so talented.  The clergy was all wonderful, and made the service so personal, especially given the incredible devotion that Grandma showed to the church through so many years.  The ladies from the church served us a delicious luncheon following the service, and were all so kind.  And Grandma’s friend Herschel delivered a heartfelt, stunning and haunting a capella rendition of Steal Away to Jesus.  Truly amazing.

At the cemetery, Mom and Randy surprised us with a six-pack of bubbles.  Such a perfect tribute to Grandma from her family!  I can’t ever blow bubbles without thinking of visits to Grandma’s house.  I’m glad you thought of it!!

Grandma was such an absolute treasure to this world – not just to our family, but she touched so many lives and took care of so many people during her time on earth.  Now she’s a treasure to Heaven, and her influence and memory will be a treasure to me forever.  I can only hope (Hope!) to be half the lady that she was. 

Love to all, and be good to each other.

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