A wild pack of family dogs…

While Mom was in Denver, Reggie got to stay at my house with the “real dogs”.  Now, those of you who know Reggie might describe him as high-maintenance, or pampered, or spoiled rotten.  Yea, maybe.  But, he’s also awfully sweet and funny.  My house was full of comic relief while he was there.  Especially since we had TWO Mr. Barky von Schnauzers who fed off of each other.  Reggie would bark at Tillie for having the nerve to play, then Grover would bark at Reggie for barking, then the schnauzers would both start barking and yelping and howling, and then everyone ran to the front door.  After all, if schnauzers are barking, it MUST mean that someone is at the door, right?

Reggie has lots of those cozy little donut-shaped dog beds shaped like this.   Possibly not this spendy, but you get the idea.  All of his beds are Mini Schnauzer sized, i.e. small.  My cattle dog, Miss Tillie, thinks that they are the perfect size for her though!  Whenever Tillie visits her Grandma and Grandpa, she is obsessive about dropping toys on my dad’s lap, and curling up into one of Reggie’s (too-small-for-her) beds.  Reggie’s visit to our house was no different.  What was different this time?  Miss “Oh-but-blue-heelers-are-so-smart” Tillie fell out of Reggie’s bed this time.  How, you ask, when the bed is no more than 3 inches off of the floor?  No idea.  She was curled up as cute as could be, we heard a thud, and there she was upside-down next to the bed.  Smart dog, indeed.

Grover also loved Reggie’s bed, when he could get to it before one of his best friends.

After Reggie went home, and I fed just my two dogs dinner, I kept feeling as though I was forgetting something!  I only filled up two bowls, instead of three, and there was no medication or eye-drops or pills or eye-drops…

We left yesterday morning to come to Fort Jackson, in Columbia, SC, for Tina’s son’s graduation from US Army basic training.  So, my dogs, cat, and turtle are on their own this week with our lovely neighbors from down the street taking care of them.  So, until Saturday, I only have to worry about feeding people, not critters.  More to come on that later (the graduation, not the feeding).

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