Aspen is a life to live…

I don’t even want to look at when I last posted anything.  Worst.  Blogger.  Ever.

So, last weekend we headed to Snowmass Village to stay at Tina’s uncle’s house on the golf course.  Tina, her nephew, and her uncle all spent loads of time on various golf courses around the area.  I hung out and “relaxed” – in theory, anyway.  At least I was doing work in a different setting, right?

On Saturday, I headed into Aspen to wander around and check things out.  I learned, among other things, that I am still not cool enough or rich enough or skinny enough to hang out in Aspen.  BUT I DID IT ANYWAY!  HA!  Too bad John Denver isn’t still there – I think we could totally hang out and sing songs around the campfire.

I wandered the Saturday Markets on the streets of Aspen… lots of fun shopping booths.  I bought some delicious local honey with bee pollen in it.  Lots of people had their dogs out with them – fun!  I was walking behind a big gorgeous yellow lab who was walking behind his person, sniffing the baked goods at one of the booths… he found one he liked, got his mouth around it, then his person noticed what he was doing and gently pulled him away.  I started laughing out loud (which was apparently not the appropriate reaction).  The bakery people?  Looked at the dog, looked at the pastry… and left it there.  Eeww!  I decided not to buy anything from there.

I also wandered through a couple of consignment shops.  I figured… consignment shop in downtown Aspen?  They have to have some FABULOUS treasures, right?  In the designer room… some interesting things, including a few cute, but well-used bags.  In the “non-designer room”… I saw a very cute knit top from Target (yes, being a Target devotee, I recognize the brands!), but not one of their cool fancy “designer” collaboration brands – just their normal everyday inexpensive (but cute) brand.  Around $20 new (I love Target – have I mentioned that?).  But it’s used… so it must be cheaper, right?  No!  Here is what else I learned in Aspen… my used Target shirt is worth $28 there!  Sold!  Ok, not really, cause I didn’t have anything to sell (figured I should keep the clothes that I was wearing), but now that I know, I’m taking my entire Target wardrobe up there next time. 

Sunday I hung out around the condo, and spent some time outside reading.  I love to sit outside and read – such a simple pleasure!  Later in the afternoon, I rode around the Snowmass golf course with Tina and Josh while they played it – so beautiful!  There, I saw a baby fox that I truly believe would have come home with me and loved me, if only I’d had some chocolate or something to lure him with.  I was woefully unprepared.  He was SO cute.  And not timid at all.  LOVE!

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