What’s going on?

Hi!  Been a while, huh?  So, yea, been busy. 

I’ve actually started and written about 6 different posts in the last couple of months, and then just never posted them.  So it’s not that I haven’t been thinking about you, dear blog!

Some new things…

New job – I started a new job in July.  It’s going pretty well so far… In some ways, its WAY less stressful than the old job.  In some ways… a bit more stressful.  Either way, long-term it’s a good opportunity for me. 

New house – Bought a new house at the end of August!  Thanks to all the folks who helped us move and gave us boxes – we couldn’t have done it without you!!!  We still have SO much to do.  Lots of unpacking at the new house, still some packing at the old house, major cleaning at the old house… If I didn’t have the whole “new job” thing going on, I’d take a week off just to work on house stuff.  Instead, I’ll go to work, and have some busy weekends!  Now, if all goes according to plan, Tina’s younger sister will be moving up here from Colorado Springs, and rent the old house for her daughter and herself.  If not, it’s in a great rental location, and we will be able to start building our grand real estate empire.  Ha ha.

New TV – When my folks were here to help move, we went to Sam’s club to pick up a couple of things.  We left with a LOT of things, including a shiny new ginormous HDTV.  It’s pretty!  Thanks go to Dad for his influence in that purchasing decision.  See it here with the lovely Jon Stewart on the right, and the interwebs on the left!

New grill – Again, when my folks were here to help move, we sent Dad, Tina, and her friend off to Lowe’s to pick up something.  I can’t remember what it was, but it was a small inexpensive item, I’m sure!  They came back home with a shiny new ginormous gas grill.  It’s pretty too!  And, again, thanks to Dad for the influence in that purchasing decision.  I helped hook it up (yay me!) – it hooks right into the gas line from the house.  He & Mom made dinner for us that night (Lamb!  Potatoes!  Tiny squash!  Delicious!), which was wonderful.  We had dinner that night in our new dining room on our…

New dining set – Another big purchase from another weekend with Mom & Dad!  We went to the antique/consignment store downtown so Mom & Dad could see what sort of new-old stuff they needed.  They had a wonderful walnut dining set there for a crazy low price.  It isn’t antique, but had come in from a furniture store that closed.  At that point, we didn’t know for sure if we would get the new house, so Mom put down a deposit to hold it for us (thanks Mom!), then we picked it up a couple of weeks later!  Right now, it’s stacked up with stuff waiting to be hung on walls.

So, yea, it’s been a big couple of months!  Maybe now I’ll actually be able to post more than 3 times a year…?

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