What a wicked game to play…

Saturday night, we went to see Chris Isaak in concert at Union Colony Civic Center

So, I first decided to love Chris Isaak (Decided.  As if I had any choice in the matter.) back in high school.  Yea, a long time ago.  Long.  I picked up his eponymous LP (yep, long time ago!) at a community-type garage sale in the ballroom at the Masonic Temple.  Oh yes, it made an impression!  So, I feel like I was ahead of my time… it was well before his giant huge hit Wicked Game.

Anyway… the show.  What an awesome show.  He was so funny, his band was awesome, he’s still super hot… I laughed, I cried, I swooned…  I’m now considering early retirement so I can follow him around the world.

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