Chantilly lace and a pretty face…

So… I have lots to do.  Unpacking at the new house, packing more stuff at the old house, cleaning the old house, cleaning the new house, writing a speech for Toastmasters, making some crafty stuff, reading my library books, checking out Oktoberfest, scheduling a massage,… So, what did I spend my last three hours doing? 

I looked at blogs!  And wished I were clever enough to come up with something like this myself!  Kat Knits and craftroom are watching Project Runway (LOVE!), and playing along with the challenges.  Every week, they’re taking the challenge from the show, and sewing it for DOLLS!  I think my favorite doll outfits might be the ones from the party store challenge.  These were brilliant and beautiful and so creative! 

I want to go make stuff now.  I’ve set a moratorium on making stuff, though, until the craft room is officially put together and organized and stuff.  I’m close, but not quite there yet… And… uh… not getting any closer right at the moment, especially since the next thing on my list will most likely be reading a library book… There’s always tomorrow!

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