Conversations With My Roommate, 2.

My car was in the shop last week for a cooling system leak and for brake problems.  Now, this car has been in the shop quite often for brake problems.  But, given the miles that I drive, on state highways, interstates, and in town, it didn’t really seem like it was that big a problem.  After this trip, however, I have now been advised to drive more conservatively.  I’m sure this will be good news for my mom, but it’s really not as much fun as practicing my Nascar skills on the drive to work.  This brings me to the last edition in “Conversations With My Roommate.”

Me: You so have more speeding tickets than I do.

Tina: No, I don’t.

Me: Come on.  I’ve never been on the verge of losing my license due to speeding tickets.

Tina: With me, it’s quality, not quantity.

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