My Latest Minor Disaster

So, I’ve had all of my beading stuff out over the last few days, for the first time in several months.  This has involved having all kinds of bins and boxes and books spread out on the dining room table while I work on being creative, and then setting it all aside in a big crate when it’s time to eat.  Last night, I got home from an incredibly hectic, crazy day at work, and went about setting aside all of the beading stuff so we could use the table for its intended purpose.  I planned on eating dinner, folding laundry, putting together a quick work presentation, then doing some more beading.  Having intended to pull all of the beading stuff back out within a couple of hours, I wasn’t very careful with putting it away.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  After walking by the (apparently precariously stacked) crate full of beads and beading equipment in order to get the cat food (sure, we’ll just blame this all on the cat…), I somehow managed to knock over the “bead organizer” that was sitting on top, which I, of course, had neglected to close tightly.  With a rather undramatic crashing noise (Tina thought it was just cat food), I managed to spill hundreds – no, probably thousands – of tiny little beads, pins, clasps, rings, chains, etc.  I spent the next hour trying to pick them all up, sort them, and keep the cat from biting me as I grabbed the hundreds of jump rings that landed on “her” rug (where she chose to lay down last night, instead of, say, the back of the sofa where she usually hangs out).  I still haven’t finished the whole sorting thing… that’ll probably take another hour.  If money were no object, I would have just vacuumed it all up and started over.  Then again, if money were no object, I probably wouldn’t be making my own jewelry.  I’d have people for that.

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