I’m back now. Really.

Once again, I’ve gone a really, really, really long time without writing.  As some of you know, just shortly after my last post, I managed to crash my roommate’s truck.  And, I just happened to do it while she was staying with her mom who was in the hospital.  Not that there’s ever a good time to wreck a car, but I really don’t know how my timing could possibly have been worse.  So, I’ve spent much of the last few weeks feeling like the absolute biggest loser in the world (WORST… ROOMMATE… EVER…).  Every time I’ve felt like writing something, I’ve felt like it’s either too frivolous, or too serious, or too… something.  Tina’s actually been incredibly kind and understanding about the whole thing.  But what I’ve noticed is that feeling like a loser almost turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I think I’ll be a much more useful, enjoyable, functional person if I get rid of that feeling, and in turn, I won’t feel like a big loser anymore!  :-) 

So, I’ll be writing much more often, about whatever goofiness crosses my mind!

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