Duct Tape and Fashion

I have a new crafty project in mind. 

I’ve been reading a few blogs lately about dresses and wardrobes and sewing and crafty stuff.  I’ve also been watching things like What Not to Wear, talking about the importance of making sure your clothes fit well, and the beauty of having a good tailor.  And then there’s my latest television obsession… Project Runway, where they get to make all manner of fabulous things, all based on a few minutes of sketching time and a trip to the fabric store (or recycling center, depending on the week…)

I also have a few items in my closet that could use some minor (I hope) alterations, especially after seeing the What Not to Wear with the really… er… “top-heavy” girl that managed to find button-down shirts that fit her beautifully after a couple of minor alterations!  My choices as far as alterations would be to save them for my mom (cause you know she’s not busy enough as it is), have my mom move down here and fashion entire closets full of beautiful outfits for me (even more unlikely), pay someone to do my alterations (I’m far too cheap, and I know they wouldn’t measure up to Mom’s work), or do them myself!! Aside from the fact that I managed to make myself one very cute little outfit in the eighth grade, most of my sewing projects have been minor, if not complete, disasters.  BUT I STILL THINK I CAN OVERCOME THAT!  :-)  However, in order to really make this work, I’ve decided that I need a dress form!  (Not to mention, it just seems like such a fun thing to have.)  Again, I could go buy one of those fancy adjustable ones and try to adjust it to my size (do they come that big??), but that would be rather expensive, and I’m cheap.  So, after a little research, I’ve learned that I can make one myself!!  Fun! 

Now, I wouldn’t be able to do this entirely by myself.  The project would require an assistant.  Naturally, since I happen to have a very handy roommate, she would probably be recruited to assist me.  I’m a little scared though.  I was telling her about the different methods I was reading about to make one – involving either brown paper tape or that wonder-of-all-wonders, duct tape.  The brown paper tape one is a little messier to make, but seems like it might be a more practical, and definitely cheaper option.  (I wouldn’t have to purchase MASS quantities of poly-fill to fill out my duct-tape me.)  However, Tina is voting for the second option.  Why?  Not only because it’s duct tape, (and who doesn’t love duct tape?), but because SHE THINKS IT WOULD BE FUN TO DUCT TAPE ME!!  I’m scared. 

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