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Mom & Dad came down last weekend to visit me and my grandparents.  It was really, really good to see them!  It was so nice to see my granparents too – I wish I could see them more often!  I should, but I’m always afraid of being sort of a nuisance, so I tend not to visit as often as I should!!

One of the conversations we had was about travel, and how my dad’s business travel has always been very rush-rush, with no sight-seeing time at all, and how my grandpa’s business travel was usually all by car, so he got to “see the country,” so to speak.  I was saying that my business travel, so far, has managed to allow at least a little bit of sight-seeing time, for the most part.  I JINXED MYSELF!  Two days after this conversation, I got scheduled for a one day – yes, ONE DAY – trip to Phoenix (where I’ve never been) to learn about archiving.  My flight actually leaves at 6:45 AM, which will require me to leave my house by 4:00 AM!  I should be happily in the middle of some REM or dreamland at that time of night.  Then I get back at 8:40 PM.

One of the major dilemmas posed by this trip is my hair.  And my oral hygiene.  Obviously, for a one-day (yes, ONE DAY!) trip, I won’t be checking any baggage to hold my hairspray, toothpaste, eyeglass cleaner, etc.  However, my hair, which is normally not terribly well behaved anyway, does very bad things when exposed to airplane air.  And with the current restrictions on carry-on baggage, I’m not permitted to take even a tiny amount of hairspray to help rescue it!  I also can’t take toothpaste.  Ick.  I’ll have to pack lots of gum.  Interestingly enough, I would be permitted to carry up to 4 oz. of “personal lubricant.”

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