More crafty stuff…

This one doesn’t get a picture.

A few weeks ago, after reading things like this and this and trying to figure out an easy way to alter some button down shirts so that they actually fit… I decided that I needed a dress form.  And rather than spend a couple hundred bucks on one that probably wouldn’t be an exact fit anyway, I decided to go the “do-it-yourself” route.  I figured, for the price of a few rolls of duct tape, how can you go wrong?

Being that I’m human, and my arms will only reach so far, I had to recruit a willing helper.  Of course, the idea of duct taping me was just way too enticing, so Tina was a more than willing volunteer.  Five hours later, and after realizing the project didn’t involve anything fun like duct-taping my mouth shut, or taping me to a chair, she wasn’t so excited.

However, in the end, I got my very own body double!!  She’s come in VERY handy for fitting shirts and things – well worth the price of a few rolls of silver tape and a few hours of standing very still.  She is a rather big girl though (hence, no pictures!) – my goodness – nothing like seeing your form all shiny & silver sitting on a table to make you want to do a few situps…  OK, it is me we’re talking about.  I don’t really have any intention of doing those situps…

Tina also named her.  Daisy.  Daisy Duct.

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