Tonight’s Dilemma

So… I have all kinds of stuff to do around the house.  One big item on the list is mending all of my clothes that are falling apart… sewing buttons, fixing hems that are falling out, hem the pants that are too long (to which my mom will attest that I’m not very good at doing, and will probably end up asking her to do it anyway…)  But… think of all the other fun things to do!  I could make some new jewelry, I could download some new music, I could play some board games with the rest of the household, or I could spend another 5 hours or so playing World of Warcraft (one of the latest additions in my quest to embrace my inner geek.)  Unfortunately, I’m rapidly running out of pants that I can wear without using a vast quantity of safety pins to hold them together.  (I can’t wear skirts this week, due to the very large scrape on my knee that I sustained when falling off of a curb over the weekend.  As Papa might have said, “What do ya say, Grace?”)  I suppose that should drive my decision, right?  Especially considering the extra 15 minutes it took me to get dressed this morning, due to the hem falling out of my very cute new brown pin-striped pants.

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