I’m back. Again. Worst Blogger Ever.

OK, I’m back again.  I’m such a big slacker – I’m always thinking of stuff to post, and then never posting it.  So, we’ll start fresh, here on July 20, with a craft project and an observation!

Here’s what I’m wearing today.  I got the jade beads in Chinatown in Toronto.  I don’t usually do a whole lot of bracelets, and I made this one a tiny bit big for me, but I like it!  I also tend to stay away from anything with hearts, but I had these clasps in my stash of stuff for some reason, so I thought I’d use them.  I had a very busy beading weekend a couple of weeks ago, and managed to refresh my jewelry collection, so you’ll probably see more pics over the next several days.

On another note… we all went to the Greeley Independence Stampede Independence Day Parade Extravaganza (not the official title) a couple of weeks ago.  The theme for this year’s Stampede was “Buckle Up!”  A clever reference to both safety and rodeo cowboys and their shiny buckles.  I am terribly disappointed that I didn’t get a picture of this wonderful exemplification of the “Buckle Up!” theme – a woman riding in a semi truck, emblazoned with the parade theme… with an INFANT bouncing along on her lap.  Brilliant.

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