A Note On Personal Responsibility and Shopping Carts

So, the other night, I left BIG BOX GIANT SUPERSTORE, went to my car, and found that someone left their (empty) shopping cart parked directly behind my trunk.  I’m pretty sure they weren’t leaving it there to be considerate to me, considering that since my car was already parked and empty, I was already inside the store, and had no need for their empty cart.  I thought to myself, “Huh.  50 feet or so from the store entrance (I had a really good parking spot!), and 50 feet or so from the nearest cart corral.  Is it really THAT tough for someone who just walked .68 miles inside the store to pick up toothpaste & toilet paper to actually walk their cart to a more appropriate parking spot?”  I tried it myself, and found that, NO, it really isn’t that difficult.  More people should try it.

On a happier note, last night after leaving NOT QUITE SO BIG GROCERY STORE and unloading my cart, a very nice gentleman (who did not work there!) took my cart with him into the store (especially nice, since that particular store inexplicably does not have cart corrals in the lot)!!  Thank you, nice gentleman!

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