New “pet”

I was sitting in my cubicle today when my friend Linda came in to tell me about her walk back from another building.  Someone stopped her, FLIPPED OUT over something she’d seen on the other side of the pond – too scared, in fact, to even cross the bridge.  The frightening thing she saw?


This is our new fake coyote, there to protect us from the geese that frequent our campus.  He (she?) has a super-custom fake fur tale tacked on to his hind end.  I’m a little sad – I actually like the geese, especially the babies in springtime.  But I guess someone is tired of the poop.

Later in the afternoon, after I’d gone to check out Fake Coyote… Animal Control showed up.  Apparently, Fake Coyote presented a Serious Threat. 

After that, Facilities sent out an email to the Fort Collins campus letting us know that there is, in fact, a decoy hanging out by the pond now… and to remind us “no shooting.”

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  • Shannon says:

    Hilarious… It’s definately ugly! Although, I wonder if it will work. The ducks and geese at the pond by my house are so greedy that if Mushi moves they scatter back but if he sits there like a good dog he could practically be one of us dishing out the goods! So there’s hope for you and your geese!

  • Sydnie says:

    It is super ugly. I think they should just let me bring my dogs to work, but no dice. Course, I don’t think they would be nearly as well behaved as Mushi! These geese don’t usually get fed (although I have seen people feeding the lovely carp in our pond!), but when they have their babies in the spring, they get really hissy! Which I think is hysterically funny. I’m surprised one of them hasn’t tried to peck my eyes out for laughing at them.