Happy New Year!

So, once again, Mother Nature tried to scheme against me.  The day I had planned to drive to Rock Springs (by myself) for part of my big Christmas vacation, it snowed.  A lot.  And the wind blew.  And the roads were bad.  Bah.  But… two days later, it was only windy!  And by that point, Tina was actually able to get out of town, so she and the pooches went with me.  She actually drove me.  Which was especially nice, cause then I could sleep past Rawlins without having to try out the Oldsmobile I-80 Auto-Pilot feature.  It’s not always reliable, from what I hear.

While we were there, my poor dad had to work on the weekdays, which left Mom, Tina & me on our own for girl time.  I had a stack of sewing questions for mom to help me with, and some jeans I was scared to hem by myself.  Not only did she help me out with all of that, but she also taught Tina to sew, and she taught us both how to make these awesome little rag quilts for the pups. 

Here is Tillie on hers, surrounded by a small number of the toys she tried to steal from Reggie:

Tillie and toys

Here’s Grover, next to power cords and feet.  He’s looking shaggy. 

Grover and feet

And here they both are at home, in their spot under the piano bench.

Pups at home under the piano

Tillie was once again obsessed with my dad.  She just knew deep down that he really wanted to throw toys for her.  He had other ideas.  But she wouldn’t give up.  After staring down one toy for a while, she would just get another one to stack up on him.  He ended up with piles of toys in his lap more than once during the visit.

I took all three dogs (Tillie, Grover, and Reggie) to the school with all three nieces in the hopes of wearing out the crazy cattle dog.  The girls threw toys for Tillie over and over and over again, and the Schnauzers ran around checking out the great smells and wrestled with Rhiannon.  We played until the girls were worn out, got back to mom & dad’s, and Tillie STILL wanted to play.  No dice on the whole “wearing her out” concept.  Later that night, it was on to Randy & Kelly’s for dinner, where we made those tie-up fleece blankets, and busted out the new Twister game.

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