I want a new drug…

Whoa!  2 days in a row of posts, and 2 days in a row of song lyrics as a title.  I’m a rock star.  Maybe I should keep that up.  It could be like my theme or something.  Until I run out of lyrics.  Or start posting only once every 2 months again.

Today I got my first shipment of my new drug.  After trying several less expensive and less painful meds for my rheumatoid arthritis, I started using Humira last year.  It worked GREAT to start with, but has lost it’s effectiveness over time.  The injections are also super painful.  I’d started out using these automatic pens – just push a little button, hold it down, and you’re done!  What they don’t mention is how much it freaking hurts!!  So I switched to prefilled syringes – still painful, but nowhere near as bad, and I had actual control over it.  So now, I’ll be starting on Enbrel.  Pretty much the same process (hopefully less painful), but my insurance has changed their processes, and now I get it shipped straight to me instead of picking it up.  The cool thing is that with my first shipment today, I got one of those cool sharps containers like you see at the doctor’s office.  I feel like I’m a big bio-hazard now.  But with a cool toy.  Since it’s perishable, I’ll get lots of styrofoam coolers and reusable ice packs too.  Neat, huh?!  (Hey, I’m a “look on the bright side” kind of gal.  Dorky, I know.)

Off to silver-smithing class now!  I might actually post about it tomorrow.  Woooo!

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