I wanna talk about me…

I was reading an article the other day about blogging (in Toastmasters magazine, by Lin Grensing-Pophal), and how to get started, and how to have a good blog.  As it turns out, I’m a BAD blogger.

Under tips for bloggers?  Number 1 is “Write regularly.”  I think we can all agree I’ve been a miserable failure at that.  Although, it could be argued that every two months is “regularly.”

Another tip is “Remember that anyone can read it.”  I’m doing this pretty much right.  This is why I don’t (generally) talk about work or people who make me mad.  I don’t want to be one of those news stories, “Blogger gets fired for blogging about work”.  It would probably make me much more prolific though.  (Exactly what we all need, right?  Me to be MORE wordy?!)

Under getting started, I should be able to answer yes to the questions following questions:

  • Do you have something to say?  Well, yes!  Lots!!!
  • Does anyone care?  Um… only the people who have to… (and I LOVE you people!!)

I should also have a theme to the blog.  I suppose my theme is… ME!  This theme probably goes against the “Do not use your blog as a self-promotional or advertising tool.”  ME, ME, ME!  And my dogs, my intermittent craftiness, and other random stuff about ME.

Another guideline is to be conscientious about spelling and grammar.  I try to make sure I spell good (tee hee!), but as far as grammar, I think I try to write in a more “conversational” style.  When I write stuff at work or for formal communications, I pay much closer attention to grammar and structure – in large part because I’m SO critical when I get a “professional” email from someone – someone that should ABSOLUTELY know better – that looks like they didn’t complete the second grade.

Maybe someday I’ll be more professional, and start up my own “professional” website and blog.  For now, this is it, in all of my self-centeredness, self-deprecation, and focus on… yep, myself!  🙂

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