I can see clearly now…

OK, I stole that idea from a Claritin commercial.  I think it was Claritin, anyway.

Have you guys tried this Chloraseptic Allergen Block stuff?  It is MAGIC!  They claim science, but I’m voting for magic.  They say it’s “a positively charged gel which can block negatively charged airborne allergens on contact.”  That sounds nutty.  But it works!!  I have minor nasal allergies, pretty much year round.  But it’s like this stuff just stops all of that in its tracks!  I’d seen it in the store and thought, “Right.  I’m going to rub a little lotion on my nose and it’s going to keep me from sneezing all day.  Uh-huh.  Sure.”  Plus, it was almost $15 for this tiny tiny tiny tube full of stuff – and not fun stuff, like a nice lip stain or fancy mascara.  So I did what any self-respecting geek girl would do, and I Googled it.  Now, it could have been some big top secret viral marketing campaign, but all the folks out there on the internets that tried it swore that it worked.  AND IT DOES!  LIKE MAGIC!  And even cooler than my little magic coin trick that I got for free from the dollar store.

Tomorrow, I will be making some necklaces!!  After that, I might actually take some pictures of the fruits of my latest crafty binge, which will give me something more exciting (I hope!) to talk about than arthritis & allergy drugs.  (Oh my gosh, could I BE any less interesting???!!!)

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