Is there life out there…?

Yes!  In the form of baby geeses!


In spite of the best efforts, we have baby geeses at work!  Yes, “geese” is the plural of “goose,” but you may be unaware of the little known plural of “baby goose,” spelled “baby geeses.”  I haven’t seen many grown up geese around there lately, but we have babies!  They were hanging out under a tree earlier today, so I kept sneaking into the window-people’s cubicles to check them out.  When I went out to finally take a picture of them, they were wandering around.  The picture is from pretty far away – I didn’t want to make the grownups mad.  I actually think it’s funny (I know, they could ATTACK me!) when they get hissy, but I didn’t want the window people still in the office to see me and laugh at me.  Some of the babies are TINY!!  They are so cute.  I don’t know what it is about baby animals – they are all so cute I just want to take them home with me.  I’m sure the current pets would love that.  Tillie would herd them; Grover would either hide from them, show them his teeth, or snack on them (tastes like chicken, ha ha!), and Dog would look at them with disdain.  Or try to snack on them.  But her years of pampered domestic indoor living have probably destroyed her cat-like reflexes and instincts.  If it doesn’t taste like dry low-fat cat food or tuna (or spider plant, in certain special cases), she’s not interested. 

How cute would it be to have a tiny herd of baby geeses running around?!  (I know, until they grow up and start pooing everywhere.)  One of my friends has a Welsh Corgi that herds his toys.  If they are spread out around the house, he will gather them and make sure they are all together in the correct spot.  CUTE! 

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