Tea for two, and two for tea…

Whew!  I was just getting ready to hit the sack, when I remembered I hadn’t posted yet today!  And I wouldn’t want to break my streak just yet… it’s way too easy to skip one day, and have one day turn into 2 months.  Geez, I’m a slacker.

Tonight I enjoyed a cup of what I think is Turkish Mango tea – I got it in Amsterdam and the label is in Dutch, so that’s my best guess – with one of the last remaining pieces of my dad’s (and mom’s! – she was the sous-chef!) chocolate-orange biscotti.  There are just a few broken pieces left!  The lemon-anise is long gone, as is my first attempt at baking the lemon-anise.  So, I’ve been tasked with whipping up another batch of it this weekend.  (Unless you want to FedEx a batch down here, folks?)  I forgot to post pictures of last time I tried it – maybe I’ll come up with some this time!  Both of those flavors are SO delish dipped in a variety of different tea flavors – I especially like the lemon anise with Earl Grey tea or with the anise tea that I also got in Amsterdam.  I’m thinking I could make my own anise tea – just some black tea leaves with anise seeds, maybe??  Worth a shot, anyway.  Anyway… the biscotti, for those who haven’t tried this awesome variation – is also delicious dipped in a hot Tom & Jerry or hot buttered rum – that was one of many lovely treats I got last time I visited Mom & Dad!  It’s SO too bad I didn’t inherit their cooking skills…

So, I’ll be baking at some point this weekend… between the propane torches at silver class, and the prospect of me in the kitchen, northern Colorado should be up for some serious fire danger.  Good thing I have an extinguisher.  Probably ought to invest in about 7 more, to position strategically around the kitchen.  That would be a very strategic strategy, don’t you think?

Ooh, I also need to post pictures of the ridiculously cool pendants we made in silver class last night!!!  SO fun!

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